Troublemaking Animals: 19 photos of…
A girl takes her cat to class so as not to leave him alone and hides him under the desk 21 people who decided to ask their hairdressers for rather strange haircuts

Troublemaking Animals: 19 photos of cats and dogs showing no remorse for their misdeeds

December 01, 2020 • By Alison Forde

Having a pet in the house can be a real protection against loneliness and, in general, taking care of another living being can have a very important therapeutic effect. An animal, however, must be well behaved if it does not want to get into our bad books - perhaps by damaging the house. No matter how much you love a dog or a cat, it is not pleasant to go home after a long day at work and find toilet paper scattered everywhere or, worse still, flower pots regularly tipped onto the floor and surrounded by soil. Unfortunately, however, these are mishaps that must be taken into account if you want to have a pet at home. How much patience do you have?

1. "Hi mom, you think it was me? But that's not true!"

2. "I don't know, it wasn't me!"


3. "I'm hungry mom...really!"

4. "If I stay still they won't see me, If I stay still they won't see me ..."

5. Look at his face: he's not in the least bit sorry!


6. "We had a cake made for our fifth anniversary and this fat guy took the first bite!"

7. Obviously, she is not in the least sorry for her actions ...


8. Remorseless

9. He just wanted to play cards a little ...


10. Actually, he looks a little sorry ... but that doesn't mean he didn't enjoy doing it!

image: Reddit

11. "I love my cat, but I wish I could have a Christmas tree like everyone else ..."

12. "So, apparently he wanted to get into the house while I was at work today..."

13. "Someone really enjoyed chewing on my keyboard ..."

14. No signs of repentance!

15. "I ate mom's earphones and she punished me ..."

image: Facebook /

16. "Last year I had to redo the Christmas tree 3 times ..."

17. "Welcome home!"

18. "No Mom, I have no idea who could have done such a thing!"

19. "Leave me alone at home would you? This is what you deserve, stupid human!"

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