Animals interacting with the human world:…
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Animals interacting with the human world: 20 funny photos show them in all kinds of situations

April 13, 2021 • By Alison Forde

Animals are an important part of our life, especially if we choose to adopt them into the family, and enjoy the company of a dog or a cat (or any other domesticated animal) in our daily life. Often, they are the ones who understand our feelings and moods the best, managing to console us or make us smile even in our darkest moments. Their clumsiness, then, is always an element that can make us smile and we humans never miss the opportunity to photograph them in their most hilarious moments. A page has even been created on Facebook with the purpose of collecting all the funniest and most amusing images of our animal friends. Some of these are really special and cannot fail to capture your attention!

1. "You okay hun?"

 Those cases in which it is necessary to look really carefully to fully understand what we are facing!

2. Sleep well!

For many people, taking care of a dog is a bit like being a parent: it is in fact a defenseless creature that needs affection, care and basic services to be able to live in dignity. This comparison, of course, should not always be taken too literally: a dog is certainly not a child, even if we have infinite love for him.


3. "Nice breeze, uh?"

4. "I'm sorry, I couldn't resist!"

Puppies must be properly trained when we bring them home, to follow the rules of the home, but they don't always manage to adapt. It takes a lot of determination and patience in managing the first stages of puppyhood, but if you apply yourself correctly, you'll get excellent results in a short time! 

5. "Welcome to the darkness"


6. "Hellooooo!"

It may seem strange, but some species of amphibians, such as frogs, can also make good "pet" animals. What you need is to first understand the needs of the species you want to keep and then organize a terrarium based on these needs. They will bring you great satisfaction!

7. Have a great birthday!

It's now common practice to organize a "birthday" for your pet, especially if it is a cat or a dog. At least the first year of their new life in the family should be celebrated properly!


8. Spot the intruder...

9. My, what beautiful blonde hair!

When it comes to exotic animals, the iguana or bearded dragon are certainly some of the most popular. Despite their "prehistoric" appearance they can be great jokers ... look at this photo!


10. These cats seem to be judging us

You know, cats just can't keep their opinions to themselves - if they have to communicate something, they will do it as explicitly as possible!

11. "Mm, later I'll call my cosmetic surgeon for a little lip touch-up"

image: Facebook / Important Animal Images

12. "Oh no!"

13. When you just can't keep your eyes open...

 How nice it is to snuggle into the arms of your favorite human and let yourself relax into pleasant dreams ...

14. "Hey guys, how do I look?"

15. "I can get this!"

16. "I just went to the hairdresser, what do you think?"

The tufted duck is a very particular kind of duck, whose name refers to the extravagant "hairstyle" sported by this cute animal. If you don't know the animal species, you might think it was wearing one of those 19th century wigs.

Look at it carefully: doesn't it look like George Washington?

17. "Take your time, I'll guard the door""

18. How sweet!

19. Like owner, like cat

Many animals tend to resemble their owners in their daily habits ... or, perhaps it's the opposite?

20. "Oh no! What time is it?"

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