18 people who were absolutely against letting an animal into their house

Shirley Marie Bradby

April 10, 2019

18 people who were absolutely against letting an animal into their house

It has happened to many that they have to obtain the permission of the other tenants living in the same house in order to get a pet!

And it has happened to many that their request has received an unequivocal "No way!" by one or more family members. 

And if for some reason, a pet has entered the house regardless, these same individuals may have witnessed a radical change in those who were once absolutely opposed. 

Here are 18 people who once did not have the slightest intention of sharing the house with a pet, and who now can no longer do without it!


"I hate dogs," he said.

Evgenia Tokmakova / facebook

"Since childhood, I have never liked cats. Then a friend of mine gave me a Persian cat and now it's like a second child."

Angela Dukelskaja / facebook


 "My husband was convinced that cats shouldn't be in an apartment, but now he loves him more than me!"


Tanya Radu / facebook

 "My husband used to say that a dog would dirty up the whole house with its saliva. Now he sends me a photo of the two of them together every time he works from home."


Jelena Rubanovich / facebook

 "My husband agreed to get a dog but he said he would never come near it. Now I think he loves him more than his own children."


Olesja Ivanson / facebook


 "He was very much against getting a cat. Now it's the love of his life!"


Nika Isaeva / facebook

 His famous words were: "In this house, there will never be any cats!"

 His famous words were:

Natalie Kurz / facebook


 "I insisted for 5 years to get a cat. But my husband was completely against it, and now he loves that cat more than me!"


Екатерина Задорина / facebook

 "He said he couldn't conceive of a cat living inside our house ..."


Марина Дерень / facebook


 "Dogs had to stay outside of the house according to my husband!"


Татьяна Жернакова / facebook

"My husband didn't want a cat, then our neighbor's cat came to live with us and now it's a hoot."

Екатерина Кулемина / facebook

"After a kitten appeared in our garden, my husband went crazy! And now he behaves like he is its mother!"

Татьяна Тихонович / facebook

"Here too, history repeats itself!"

Антон Локтионов / facebook

"The dog will never sleep with us, he said."

Алена Шипилова / facebook

 "No cats!" my mother said. And today she asks me if he has eaten and how he spent the day!"


Diki Siba / facebook

 "She hated cats too!"


Яна Сидлер / facebook

 "I didn't want a dog, but today I don't know how we could have overcome so many sorrows without him."


Ирина Бардина/ Facebook

 "No pets in the house!" And today, there is this dog and two cats!"


Александра Францева / facebook