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15 photos of animals that over time…
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15 photos of animals that over time come to be more and more like their owners

November 30, 2020 • By Alison Forde

It is often said that dogs share particular similarities with their owners, both from the physical point of view, due to some curious external characteristics, and for certain aspects of their personalities that are shared. In the long run, therefore, our pet - dog, cat, parrot or rabbit ... - seems to take on some of the attitudes it recognizes in its owner. It's not uncommon, therefore, to spot these animals in certain particular situations, in which we might never have dreamed of seeing them. Dogs driving, cats warming up sitting in front of the fireplace or sleeping with their mouths open ... in short, all typically human actions!

1. "Well, what are you looking at?"

2. Excellent service today!


3. Here's how the cat and her mistress sleep ... let's hope they don't swallow any flies!

4. At such an important and moving moment, the dog couldn't help but copy his master

5. Like two sweet old men warming up in front of the fireplace after Christmas lunch


6. He would like to drive...

7. One big family!


8. Like owner, like dog...brrr, what freezing water!

9. Sandra washing her face after she saw her keeper doing the same


10. When Spotify works better than anything else to soothe in a bad storm...

11. Both looking in the same direction, with innocent curiosity

12. My daughter dressed like a dog, while gathering apples in the garden"

13. Just the same!

14. They both love to look at nature for hours

15. "This is Ben. He also has a beard and is as big as a human. They have fun in the traffic"

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