There is light at the end of the tunnel: 16 shots that have restored our trust in humanity -
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There is light at the end of the tunnel:…
A horse approaches and consoles his mistress as soon as he hears her cry: a moving scene

There is light at the end of the tunnel: 16 shots that have restored our trust in humanity

April 02, 2021 • By Alison Forde

Despite everything, there is still so much beauty in the world, beauty that is expressed in the small daily gestures of generosity, in the indissoluble bond that can be created between a child and a parent, in the hand that tends to another when someone wants to help a needy person, in a hug, a look full of love and empathy, a tender kiss, a caress, a cry out loud or a toothy smile. In short, we can still be moved and touched thanks to the little things that human beings can do for themselves and to improve the lives of others; for this reason we have selected for you some moving images that tell stories full of emotion: ready to shed a few tears?

Two sweet grannies who have a beautiful story to tell ...

The creator of this touching shot says: "Today she took my grandmother to her new nursing home for people with dementia. She met a lady who had the same name as her and they held hands all the time as they watched TV."

A double photograph that compares my grandparents before and now:

 On the right, my grandmother who after 63 years still knows how to wear her wedding dress elegantly!


A photograph that means a lot to its creator...

The person who took this photo said: "I graduated from college today after 15 years of full-time work and the difficulty of balancing my life's demands. I got married, had 2 daughters, built a house, and today I tried to take a family photo for graduation!"

A 97-year-old great-grandfather with his great-grandchild of just 1 month sweet to see the generations together!

A look between grandfather and grandson that says much more than many words ...

He is David Goodall, he is a 104-year-old scientist, and he is saying goodbye to his grandson before embarking on his last journey to Switzerland, where he had decided to end his life ...


Don't worry, nothing serious happened here ...

To explain the story behind this photo, the author said: "Today a tired little bee landed on my jacket. I offered him some jam from my donut, which he happily licked, gaining the energy to fly off again. Fly away, little bee!"

Graduating in old age? Why not?

This man said on Twitter: "My goal was to graduate before I reached 100 years of age. I made it 33 years early!"


Some things never change between father and daughter, not even after many years!

Happiness lies in the simplest things, such as the smiles from this humble but happy family


A moment of sweetness; a little bird lands on the nape of this big dog: how beautiful they are together!

A truly moving photo ...

image: Reddit

The author of this shot said that the little baby in this photo is his little brother, who has a hint of a smile, just a couple of hours after he is born!

Do you recognize the object this man is holding in the palm of his hand?

You got it right, it's a cat's whisker, but not just any cat. The author of the photo said: "My cat was hit by a car on my birthday about six months ago. In the middle of moving to start a new life I felt sad, because I knew he would like the place where I was moving to: suddenly, I found one of his whiskers on the ground. He's still here with me!"

It is never too late to enjoy life ... not even if you are 97 years old you can enjoy a swing!

The moment when a father holds his son in his arms for the first time: an incredible feeling!

A moving headstone in a pet cemetery

The tombstone reads, "He was just a cat, but he was human enough to be a great comfort in times of loneliness and suffering." We have no words, only tears.

After months and months of neglect, I finally decided to do something for my room and for myself: spot the difference!

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