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A dog in distress goes to the vet alone…
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A dog in distress goes to the vet alone and "asks for help" from the doctors

March 19, 2021 • By Alison Forde

In a veterinary clinic, it's very easy to deal with animals of all kinds that need a consultation, an urgent intervention or a surgical operation; after all, it is the equivalent of the doctor's office for us human beings. Only in this case it is usually the "two-legged" owners who accompany the pets on their routine visits. For this reason the poor stray dog in this touching story went viral on the internet when he sneaked in, of his own free will, to a vet's practice to ask for help...

via: UOL

The story was told by Dayse Ferreira, head of a veterinary clinic in Juazeiro do Norte, Brazil; the woman had noticed that a stray dog had entered the waiting room, unaccompanied by any humans; he was staggering, seemed in need of help and was injured. This could be seen by the fact that he was limping, gasping and leaning against the side of the wall, as if he were trying to make people understand that they were there that he needed to be treated immediately ... 

Dayse Ferrera said in her own words: "When he came in, he put his injured leg forward as if to show that he was in pain. We were surprised because he knew where to ask for help"; and we certainly wouldn't be surprised if this poor stray dog entered the Dayse Veterinary Clinic of his own free will because he knew he would find someone there to take care of him...

Upon closer inspection, the vet found that the dog's paw was easily treatable, just as his ticks and fleas could be easily eliminated, but then Dayse discovered that the nameless stray dog had a small tumor, which was also easily operable.


After a nice refreshing bath and adequate medical care, this very intelligent dog will now follow a therapeutic regime for the next few weeks, until he stabilizes and feels much better and in full strength; in the meantime, the images that have made the rounds of the internet have generated a chain of solidarity that shows no signs of diminishing: in fact, many families in the area have offered to adopt the poor dog once he has recovered, and Dayse is personally taking care of choosing the most suitable family for this sweet four-legged angel ...

Finally, this four-legged friend is about to find a forever home, full of affection and love: and he deserves it all!

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