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22 cases of people who have definitely…
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22 cases of people who have definitely had a bad day!

December 06, 2017 • By Shirley Marie Bradby

Bad days happen to everyone but sometimes there is an especially bad day when it seems like the whole universe is plotting against us!

Of course, there are other times when the trouble we are in was caused by our own actions, even if we are ashamed and do not have the courage to admit it!

That is why we would like to know the background story of these images ... Whose fault was it? And how did the person involved in that particular situation react? Who knows?!

And this is how you make a sandwich?!

Not only did the tree fall over but it pulled up the entire lawn!


When you buy something on the Internet you should ALWAYS read the details and specifications!

The construction of this pizza seems a little off ...

Now, just try to use this toilet ...


A few minutes of relaxation under the sun and ...

Here's what happens when you leave a bottle of water in the car and outside the temperature is -22°F (-30°C).


"OK, so did I do something to offend the wedding photographer?"

"Oh, well ... looks like we will be dining out tonight ... "


We all know how strong and resistant those plastic strip locks can be ...

One wrong step can prove to be ... very messy!

And they say .... you can open the can with a single gesture!

When cleaning the toilet does not go as we had imagined.

An unfortunate accident ... what a shame!

Did someone lose their car keys? ...

Who would do such a thing? ... No comment!

Here someone could have been seriously hurt ...

Move it, if you can!

Our kitchen cabinets fell off the wall! What a nightmare!

Goodbye, my dear smartphone! ... RIP

A plastic package inside ...of the snack you are eating?!

105 gallons (400 liters) of chocolate syrup lost forever ...

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