15 disasters caused by children which show parents need infinite patience

All parents have stories to tell about their children. When they were born, how they were born, who deperately wanted them, who chose the name, the first word spoken, the first uncertain steps: these…

18 photos of people who had a bad day to say the least

Unfortunately there are days that begin with getting out of the wrong side of bed and that don't seem to get any better. Did it ever happen to you? Waking up and finding yourself with "the world against…
Cute Disasters Funny

A woman's microblading permanent eyebrow tattoo procedure leaves her with four eyebrows

Before you let anyone perform any type of cosmetic procedure on you, make sure you have done your research first. It's always a good idea to check reviews and find out if the place you are planning to…

22 cases of people who have definitely had a bad day!

Bad days happen to everyone but sometimes there is an especially bad day when it seems like the whole universe is plotting against us! Of course, there are other times when the trouble we are in was caused…

Some rare photos taken on September 11 that allow us to relive those moments from a different point of view

The writer David Friend has collected in a book some photos taken on that tragic day September 11, which we all have well-stamped in our minds. His photographs mostly depict the moments immediately after…

15 catastrophes in the kitchen that are hard to comprehend!

Bake two potatoes, prepare an omelet, boil some eggs ... These are some of the examples we use when we want to say that something is within the reach of everyone! However, those who have no experience…
Disasters Food Funny

One moment a lovely picnic -- the next a frightening EARTHQUAKE!

Earthquakes are unpredictable natural calamities that can unleash an unimaginable destructive force. In fact, if precise antiseismic standards and measures are not observed and enforced then, any building,…

If you are naturally clumsy....WATCH OUT! :)

Being clumsy causes many problems, even when doing the simplest tasks in everyday life.  Anyone who is naturally clumsy must give up on holding any object of value in their hands, knowing how they are…

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