Some rare photos taken on September 11 that allow us to relive those moments from a different point of view -
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Some rare photos taken on September…
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Some rare photos taken on September 11 that allow us to relive those moments from a different point of view

November 11, 2017 • By Shirley Marie Bradby

The writer David Friend has collected in a book some photos taken on that tragic day September 11, which we all have well-stamped in our minds.

His photographs mostly depict the moments immediately after the explosions, when little was known about what would later be recognized as a terrorist attack.

What makes these photos most notable are the expressions that we see on the faces of the people, perhaps none of them could imagine the magnitude of the tragic event.

All the photos have been published in the book "Watching the World Change: The Stories Behind the Images of 9/11", available at Amazon.

1. A crowd of people looks at the towers from Park Row and Beekman Street.

image: Patrick Witty

2. Here is a photo of the second plane, a few seconds before hitting the tower. The photo was taken by a photographer from an adjacent building.

image: Rob Howard

3. One of the many apartments near the World Trade Center that saw it all up close.

4. Photo frames of the first impact with American Airlines Flight 11.

5. The falling ruins of the south tower hit a nearby church.


6. Many people did not have any idea of ​​what was happening. In fact, in the photo we see, Isabel Daser, a German-born, New York-based architect (and amateur pilot) eight months pregnant being photographed by a friend.

image: Daser Bessler

7. A child visiting New York on the day of the attack.

image: AustinSansone

8. After the collapse of the towers, a cloud of dust invaded the streets causing others to be injured.

image: Kelly Price

9. The cloud of smoke rose within seconds and was visible from miles away.


10. A satellite photo was taken on 12 September and the smoke is still clearly visible.

image: NASA

11. A group of friends completely unaware of what has happened.

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