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This church hosts 250 homeless people every night so they don't have to sleep on the street

San Francisco is one of the most visited tourist destinations in the United States, thanks to its bays, eclectic architecture, its famous hills, and its cultural liveliness. It is home to the most important…
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A couple remodels their bathroom and during the work finds a message left by the previous tenants ...

The author of this viral post begins by saying: "I know that a month from giving birth not everyone would have thought of redoing their bathroom," but what Mrs. Jess from San Francisco did not expect…
Funny Stories Usa

People say they can see "God" walking in the clouds in this video of a storm

The video of a rainstorm in Alabama posted on Facebook has been seen around the world after some people noticed something strange in it! In fact, in the dark mass of clouds hovering over the city of Tuscaloosa,…

The principal reprimands a dad for taking his children out of school for a few days --- his response is perfect!

Getting the opportunity to take time off from school to go on holiday with your parents is something that doesn't happen often. So, the twins Jack and Victoria Rossi, definitely felt like they had been…
School Stories Usa

A woman tries to jump ahead in a line and here's this man's reaction

From the Ronald Reagan Washington National Airport in the USA comes a story that makes us understand how far some people are from treating other people as they would like to be treated, rather than according…
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10 years ago he lost more than 176 lb (80 kg) thanks to a television program and now his story is a hymn to life

In 2008, a nineteen-year-old named Sam Rouen decided to audition to participate in the Australian version of the television show,"The Biggest Loser", a program in which overweight people voluntarily endure…

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