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A woman tries to jump ahead in a line…
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A woman tries to jump ahead in a line and here's this man's reaction

December 28, 2017 • By Shirley Marie Bradby

From the Ronald Reagan Washington National Airport in the USA comes a story that makes us understand how far some people are from treating other people as they would like to be treated, rather than according to the labels that society and history have given them.

While the music producer Emmit Walker stood in line for boarding, a woman approached him with a request to let her go first. The reason? Even if offensive or compromising words were not used, it soon appeared to be clear to everyone ...

The story was told to us with a post and photos taken by the same Walker, but there were numerous people present ...

While waiting for the first class priority boarding to start, a white woman approached Walker to ask him not only to let her pass but that he was in the wrong line.

Their exchange of words went like this: 

Her: "Excuse me, I believe you may be in the wrong line, you need to let us thru. This line is for priority boarding." 

Me: "Priority boarding means first class, right?" 

Her: "Exactly, now excuse me ...They'll call y'all after we board." 

Me (*shoving first class priority boarding pass in her face*): "You can relax, ma'am, I'm in the right spot, been here longer, so you can board after me." 

Her (*still won't let it go*): "He must be military or something, but we paid for our seats so he still should have to wait."

Me: "Nope too big to ever be in anybody's military. I am just a nigga with money!" 

Everybody waiting in line start to clap ... 

A story that ended with the laughter of those present, certainly, yet just to think that a person could find themselves experiencing a similar situation that appears to be for racial reasons is really quite sad.

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