They change tables so as not to be near a child with Down syndrome and the waiter refuses to serve them -
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They change tables so as not to be near…
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They change tables so as not to be near a child with Down syndrome and the waiter refuses to serve them

August 22, 2017 • By Shirley Marie Bradby

This mom named Kim Castillo was used to eating out only in restaurants where her son Milo, who has Down's syndrome, was well known by all.

In one of their visits, however, this was not enough to keep him safe from an episode of discrimination, that unfortunately, still happens.

In fact, a family sitting at a table next to them moved so as not to have to eat their meal close to Milo. At that point, the waiter intervened.


Little Milo, who is 5 years old, is known by all the waiters at the Laurenzo "Prime Rib" restaurant in Texas.

Among those waiters, that day managing that part of the room was Michael Garcia, who had been employed there for two years. 

Milo was excited because he had just had his birthday and was talking about how he had spent it. "Maybe he was speaking loudly at that point, but nothing exaggerated and nothing worse than what people sitting at the other tables were doing", his mother said.

Ten minutes after their arrival, however, a family sitting in front of them got up and moved to another side of the room. Nobody had really noticed, but then Garcia overheard what they were saying.

"My personal feelings just took over."

One of the men at the table said, "Children with special needs should be special ... elsewhere." When he heard these words, the waiter said incredulously: "I could not believe that an adult person was saying those things in front of children."

At that point, Garcia spoke to him saying he would not serve them. "Milo is an angel. He's only five years old, he should not be discriminated against for speaking aloud like any other child of his age, and he certainly did not ask to come into the world with Down syndrome."

The family who had changed tables left a few minutes later. Perhaps, the restaurant lost some customers but the owner, who has known Milo and his family for years, totally supports Garcia's decision. "I'm happy someone wanted to defend another human being", commented Kim Castillo.

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