A couple decides to create their own…
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A couple decides to create their own interracial family!

August 21, 2017 • By Shirley Marie Bradby

Adopting orphaned children, perhaps those born in distant countries is something that more and more people are taking into consideration.

Deciding to bring children born from frozen embryos into the world, however, is not something that you hear about every day. This was the choice of Rachel and Aaron Halbert, a white American couple, after having had trouble conceiving a child of their own.

However, Rachel and Aaron chose to do something even more unusual! They decided to opt for embryos donated by people of color.

"When we started to think about adopting, we thoroughly questioned what it means to be an interracial family."

In this interesting Washington Post article, written by Aaron Halbert, he tells his own story about his family. 
He and his wife Rachel are members of an Evangelical church in the south of the United States, a place where relationships between people of different ethnicities are still sometimes very difficult. But Aaron says that in their eyes, "....certain diversities are evidence of the "brilliant creativity of God", something we do not ignore but instead welcome as a blessing."

The couple had already adopted two children in the past, and then some friends talked to them about the so-called "abandoned embryo banks", which are places where extra embryos were deposited, obtained through assisted fertilization and where it is impossible to trace the couple that had generated them.


"For those who believe, like we do, that life is born at the time of conception, giving these abandoned embryos a chance to come into the world is a way to save human beings. In addition, in this way, Rachel could have the opportunity to experience what it means to carry a pregnancy to full term."

When asked from what ethnicity they wanted the embryos to be selected, Rachel and Aaron chose the one that would match the two adoptive children they already had --- which was black American. The couple decided to try to implant two embryos, but as can be understood from the images ...

One of the two embryos divided into two and Rachel discovered she had three fetuses growing in her womb!

"Things have gone a bit differently from what we had imagined when we got together twelve years ago, but we are grateful to God for having given us this beautiful family. For us, this is a little bit like paradise."


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