Mother's son is suspended from school…
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Mother's son is suspended from school and she punishes him by making him mow the lawns of all the elderly neighbors (+ VIDEO)

June 07, 2022 • By Mark Bennett

Every parent knows that they are responsible for the raising of their child and, in large part, for the personality that slowly develops in them. It is not easy to raise another human being, who will obviously have many characteristics which are different from their parents - but for a mother and a father, the fundamental value to install is honesty. For sure, no one would ever want to see a child commit dishonest or criminal acts, don't you think? Unfortunately, there are no golden rules for raising the "perfect" child, and each parent adopts the educational methods and punishments that they deem most suitable.

Niya Williams has four children and she knows how hard a mother's life can be - but of one thing she is sure: she knows how to teach them a good life lesson. Let's see how she acted when one of her children was suspended from school:

Niya Williams knows that raising four children is by no means an easy task, but she also knows that she would do anything to instill sound principles in her kids. As they grow up, they have their own experiences and develop facets of their own characters accordingly, but what Niya expects from all four is that they are always honest and respectful. So, when one of her children, Amaurryon Johnson, was suspended from school for five days, Niya knew she had to do something to "straighten him out". However, she didn't want to resort to the usual punishments, in which she would forbid him to use his cell phone or to play his favorite video games, but she wanted to do something that could really be useful and teach him a valuable life lesson.

Niya decided that her son would mow the lawn in the backyard, using all the necessary tools. But not only that: Niya did not want her son to simply learn how to do this manual job, but she wanted something more. Niya wanted him to be helpful to others and for this he would have to mow the lawns of all of their neighbors who were no longer capable of mowing their own lawns (for various reasons, like old age, for example). Of course, he would be doing this for free. After having mowed the first two or three lawns, the young Amaurryon stated that he didn't mind mowing people's lawns - so much so that he decided to continue doing after completing his punishment quota.


Now the young man regularly offers to mow lawns for the elderly and disabled, and without wanting to receive a cent in return. What started out as a punishment eventually turned out to be a real blessing - both for all the people Amaurryon helped, and for the young man himself.

Do you support or oppose "punishing" bad behavior?


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