Mother supports her son by buying pizzas…
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Mother supports her son by buying pizzas on his first day as a pizza delivery boy: she is so proud of him

April 20, 2022 • By Mark Bennett

All good parents know they need to support their children in their lives and in achieving their dreams. For them, it is not just a duty, but a real joy to watch the growth of their children and guide them in their young, adult life. One mom got more than 60,000 positive comments on her post explaining how she managed to support her 19-year-old son on his first day on the job as a delivery boy. The young man had been hired by a pizzeria to make home deliveries, which is why his mother immediately placed an order for the whole family.

There is probably no greater happiness for a mother than to see her child take their first steps in the world of working adults. This may be why a mother, Hetiene Soares Santos, felt extremely proud to learn that her 19-year-old son, Jhon Lincon Santos Ferreira, was able to get hired by a restaurant as a delivery boy. Finding work is never easy and for Jhon, who has always done sporadic and poorly paid jobs, this job meant a big step forward. It is normal, then, that this mother was so happy about her son getting hired. John, in fact, had been a bricklayer before he was hired as a delivery boy, but after a while, he realized not only that the job wasn't exactly right for him, but that he was also getting poorly paid.

So, on the first day of work as a delivery boy, Jhon's mother decided to request a very special order: pizzas for the whole family - naturally to be delivered by the best delivery boy in the area!

When the pizzeria boss gave Jhon the first delivery address, the young man immediately recognized it: it was the one for his mother's house! Jhon rushed to deliver the requested pizzas and, when he got home, he found a real party ready for him: "The whole family was gathered to take pictures and film the event. I was happy and I felt supported, I didn't expect that it would have been like this ".

Sure, it's a temporary job, but it's always nice to have the support of your family and to know that someone believes in you. The young man now studies in the morning and works as a delivery boy in the evening, conscientiously dividing himself between study and work. Indeed, Jhon dreams of entering the faculty of psychology at university and becoming a professional psychotherapist. We wish him well with all our hearts, and hope, after all these efforts, his dreams will come true!


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