Grandson changes his gender: his proud…
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Grandson changes his gender: his proud grandfather shows off a photo of the change

August 29, 2022 • By Mark Bennett

Discovering one's gender identity is not as simple as one might think: surely everyone, deep down, is aware of their sexual orientation, but it is not always easy to accept this and show it off to the world. There are still many prejudices about homosexuality and various other orientations - such as those who choose a transition to recognize their femininity or masculinity (even on an aesthetic level). We often hear stories of parents and grandparents who reject their children and grandchildren because they are homosexual, transgender or simply "outside of the norm". But fortunately, today's story is quite the opposite.

A kind and very sweet grandfather celebrated his grandson's transition with a new family photo. Young Nicolás Cazorla Fernández shared the video shot while visiting his relatives in Spain. Before his return trip to Charleston, South Carolina, USA, where he is in college, Nicolás asked his grandfather for a new portrait to update the old one he has in his house.

As a transgender person, Nicolás recently started sharing his transition process on TikTok while undergoing gender reassignment surgery. "It all started by chance. I saw that an older video of myself joking with my father while in hospital had gone viral, and I realized that many people in the trans community wanted to know more about the significance of the surgery," said Nicolás.

Now, with nearly 10,000 fans, Nicolás' videos help members of the trans community feel supported and educate others -  while also having some fun. But the clip along with his grandfather especially caught the web's attention: his beaming grandfather was filmed proudly updating his photo album with a new image of his erstwhile grandson. The clip took the Internet by storm, reaching over a million views in next to no time.

"I posted this video because many young trans people are afraid of what their family members will think or do if they come out," Nicolás explained. "Of course I was worried too. It's not a generational issue: being old is no excuse for not supporting the family you're supposed to love," Nicolás stated.

What can we say? It's a beautiful scene that makes one understand how important the support and love of one's family is at all times.


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