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15 disasters caused by children which…
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15 disasters caused by children which show parents need infinite patience

December 14, 2020 • By Alison Forde

All parents have stories to tell about their children. When they were born, how they were born, who deperately wanted them, who chose the name, the first word spoken, the first uncertain steps: these are all moments and anecdotes to share. The funniest part always concerns some incredible situation born as a result of an imperceptible oversight on the part of the parents. Acrobatics, mess, hiding places: children's imaginations have no limits. We can see in these 15 photos how far the children managed to get, before being promptly discovered by their parents, although maybe, by now, it was too late to fix it.

1. This little boy wanted to try his hand at cooking and prepared an unusual breakfast: bon appetit, parents!

2. Why wear gloves on your hands when they can be comfortable shoes?


3. Their son swallowed a coin after swallowing a memory card: let's imagine the reaction on seeing this image

4. A few minutes of inattention were enough to completely wreck the living room: and now who's going to put it all back?

5. One child thought it was okay to hang up the toilet paper roll like this.


6. This girl has a very outgoing and creative spirit, perhaps a little too much ...

7. MYards and yards of toilet paper were used to decorate the entire house: a nice surprise to find when you return from work, right?


8. The innocent face of a kid who doesn't know that he's made a big mess, how did this happen? We don't want to know ...

9. An unusual and certainly unwanted way of showing affection to their parents. Would you have smiled or would you be angry?


10. The sofa was not comfortable enough: the child preferred the floor and sofa cushions.

11. There must surely be some explanation as to how this baby ended up upside down, but it will certainly be difficult for him to explain it.

12. Children have appreciably different aesthetic taste ... and a lot of cotton balls will be required to clean up this mess!

13. This child has invented a strange way of playing hide and seek: while sleeping...on the car roof.

14. Using the bathroom gets boring, so why not leave a nice surprise?

15. The floor is dirty and his clothes are too, but the child claims it wasn't him. His innocent expression is convincing no one!

In the face of these disasters (or masterpieces) there are two possible reactions: immediately losing your patience or just having a laugh, and taking a souvenir photo. How would you have reacted?


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