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14 hacks for your car that you will…
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14 hacks for your car that you will find really useful

December 05, 2017 • By Shirley Marie Bradby

The car, especially for those who live in places where getting around without a car would be very difficult, is almost like a second home.

Our car may be the means by which we transport our children (and therefore it must be equipped for every eventuality) or the means we use for our job or to go to work.

In short, of the many material assets we own, our car is certainly one of those which we hold most dear and therefore some tips about how best to take care of it are always good to know.

To remove the old stickers from the back car window try dipping some sheets of newspaper in hot water and then apply them to the window glass for about ten minutes.

Children in the car? Simplify your life by hanging one of these handy storage racks on the back of a front seat!

image: kickvick.com

If you do not have a trusted mechanic and want to know if you can trust them, try asking some questions about things that you already know do not need any maintenance.

This can sound sneaky or underhanded but unfortunately, in some situations, this is the right thing to do to try to protect yourself.

A plastic cup or container with this type of lid can be the perfect solution to always have paper towels at hand.

If you have scratched the bodywork on your car, apply some transparent nail polish on the damaged part!

You will not believe the powerful repair effect transparent nail polish has on scratches!


Ever thought of putting a small trash can with a closable top in your car? It really helps keep a car clean!

image: Complex.com

If you do not want to be caught unprepared for any situation, here is a kit that you should prepare and keep in your car:

An old smartphone to keep turned off but with a full battery, a first aid kit, a water bottle, some long shelf-life food snacks and maybe some tools like a Swiss knife and a flashlight.


You don't know how to clean the difficult areas in your car!? Here is a useful trick to help you out!

If you live in a place where it gets very cold, make sure you always have a bottle of hand sanitizer gel with you.

image: Storyblocks

These gel products have an alcoholic component which, when it comes in contact with ice, will help you to melt it quickly! All you have to do is just make sure you get a bit in the lock, maybe helping to push some gel in with the key.


Cleaning car headlights well makes a big difference in their lighting capacity. Why not use common toothpaste to make those headlights shine?!

You can find a video here that will show how to clean your headlights easily and well!

How to make a smartphone support for the car in less than a minute? Just use a rubber band in this way!

Use a thin dark plastic sheet to prevent sunlight from blinding you while driving.

image: Lifehack.org

A thin dark plastic sheet will stick easily to the windshield glass and you can move it according to your needs! The dark plastic will shield the sun's light very effectively but without preventing you from being able to see the road well.

To park your car always in the desired position in your garage, all you have to do is tie a wire to a tennis ball and hang it in such a way that it functions as a sign.

In conclusion, here is an alternative and a very useful way to use a swimming float tube! Fix it to the wall in your garage and thus save the wall and your car door!

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