This dog is known throughout the neighborhood for her curious passion --- hugging passers-by! -
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This dog is known throughout the neighborhood…
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This dog is known throughout the neighborhood for her curious passion --- hugging passers-by!

December 05, 2017 • By Shirley Marie Bradby

César Fernàndez-Chàvez owns a dog that is out of the ordinary. His Golden Retriever Loubitina - called Loubi - has, in fact, a habit that we would never expect from a dog!

As a matter of fact, every time she and her owner go out for a walk, Loubi literally rushes to jump on passersby to hug them!

Due to her particular "obsession", Loubi has become the star of the neighborhood!

Why does everyone love Loubi?

The inhabitants of the neighborhood often stop to let themselves be embraced by the dog, whenever they feel like it, aware of the fact that Loubi is always very happy to show her affection in this way.

César cannot explain how Loubi developed this obsession. Maybe it began as a deformation of the gesture of "giving her paw" as a sign of greeting? In any case, in the neighborhood, all those who need a hug know they can find César and Loubi between 5th and 17th Street in New York.


César says it is Loubi who decides who to hug! When she is about to hug someone, she sits down next to them and raises her paws. Obviously, when faced with such a scene, no one can refrain from taking at least one picture!

The owner confirms that he really appreciates the fact that Loubi is able to put everyone who comes in contact with her in a good mood!

This dog's fame is not limited to the streets of New York ...

The photos of Loubi hugging passersby have spread on the Internet, starting from her own Instagram profile (loubotinanyc), which has countless followers.


Here's a video of Loubi hugging passersby in the streets of New York!

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