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16 dogs who don't care where and where…
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16 dogs who don't care where and where they got caught napping

August 12, 2021 • By Alison Forde

If you have a dog as a pet, you know perfectly well that you will have a life that is continually full of surprises and satisfactions; the love and affection that a four-legged friend can give to a human being is so pure and crystalline that once a dog is welcomed into the house, whether it is adopted or not, it will no longer be possible to live without. Just as you will not be able to do without the strange attitudes and behaviors and the limits of the absurdity of our doggy friends: for example, have you ever noticed that often and willingly these four-legged friends go to sleep or rest in amazing, hilarious and fun positions and strange places?

If you are not convinced, this irreverent list will be for you and will convince you otherwise: we are sure!

Once that was the office chair where I worked ...

Now, it looks like it has a new owner! 

I found him falling asleep in the blankets just before I left for work ...

He took me by surprise when I saw him there! 


Sure this dog is not sleeping in a strange place, but ...

image: Iwii23/Reddit

...He literally pushed me out of bed! 

I swear he fell asleep in this position!

 I couldn't help taking this photograph!

This is my life now...

 I can't relax on the sofa or he lies on my head, placidly dozing off!


That cereal is still there, next to his tongue ...

image: Reddit

Too bad he didn't have time to eat it that ... he fell asleep! 

This is Otis

 And Otis likes sleeping with his muzzle in my shoes!


He has numerous beds in the house and yet he has to sleep on my bed and in that position!

 My dog is truly incorregible!

The first visit to a hotle for my dog...

 Of all the nooks and crannies where he could sleep, he chose the shower cubicle!


Our little angel who fell asleep in the car ...

An angel...or a devil? 

I awoke to see this outside my window...

 Why doesn't he sleep INSIDE the kennel?

He decided to sleep like this...

image: Reddit

 Incredible but true...

My dog thinks he's a cat...

 Otherwise why would he sleep in a plant pot?

My dog loves to sleep like a human!

I couldn't help but laugh and immortalize him as I found him on the bed! 

She likes to sleep like this...

 At least she's still getting some air!

Your tongue is hanging out!

image: Reddit

 My dog is quite well, but he likes to sleep like this!

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