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A waitress is moved when she reads the…
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A waitress is moved when she reads the message from an elderly client who had come to the restaurant alone

August 04, 2021 • By Alison Forde

Sometimes, a simple gesture of kindness really is enough to improve a person's day. Whenever we have the chance, we should try to show empathy and kindness towards others, as we never know for sure what the person in front of us might be going through. What is certain is that true gestures of altruism, which hit the mark, are also the ones that leave us more satisfied inside. A waitress at an American restaurant was certainly happy to get her tip from an elderly lady who showed up at the restaurant to eat alone, but in hindsight she would have liked to spend more time with her. The real reward wasn't her tip, but knowing that she had brought some relief to that woman's life. The old woman left her a beautiful message with the bill and the 3 dollar tip.

via: Newsweek

Megan King was taking her shift as a waitress on what seemed like an ordinary Sunday when an old lady showed up to eat. She was alone, but that didn't arouse much curiosity in Megan, as there are several people who happen to go to the restaurant alone. Megan said she had a pleasant exchange of words with the lady, but nothing too personal - simple polite chit chat between a customer and a waiter. This is something that Megan regrets enormously, especially after realizing what it was that there was something out of place with the old woman who was so silent and lonely. The old woman left her a message attached to the receipt and the $3 tip:

"Thank you so much for your kind service. It was the first time I had eaten out alone since my husband passed away. I was hoping I could make it through."

The young waitress burst into tears at the sight of that message, knowing that she could have done more for that old woman. Megan had not been able to fully grasp all the signals that the silent client was sending her and she was very sorry about it. The young woman said she was overcome with emotion when she read the note, so much so that she took refuge for a few minutes in the women's bathroom. A couple of days later she posted the photo of the emotional message and explained what happened, pointing out how moved and sorry she was for that woman.

Typically, tipping at the end of a meal is the acknowledgment given to the waiter for good service, but it's all too easy to lose the importance of customer interaction during every single shift. Despite everything, the young woman entered the heart of her client. From today, Megan will certainly be more attentive and empathetic towards her customers.

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