"Sorry, I won't do it again ...": 16…
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"Sorry, I won't do it again ...": 16 dogs caught red-handed, who couldn't help but look guilty

April 03, 2021 • By Alison Forde

Anyone who has one at home and treats them as an integral member of the family knows very well what we are referring to: a dog is a friend who also has four legs, a tail, a furry coat and do not express themselves with words, but they can be faithful companions in life, even better than certain human beings that we meet in life. And like any friend we have or have had in the past, they get up to all sorts of things. Yes, because not only are our pet dogs are capable of carrying out actions without our knowledge, or causing disasters, but once they are discovered they cannot avoid assuming such human and contrite expressions that they almsot seem to be saying: "Forgive me master, I will not do it again..."

A look and a position that says more than a thousand words: when he does that, he knows he's done something wrong!

She's been watching me like this ever since she got in the car ...

I'm still wondering what she did ... I hope I never find out!


The classic look of someone who knows perfectly well that he shouldn't have done what he's done...

I'm scolding him, and what does he do?

Obviously, he turns away, pretending nothing has happened!

He ate all the perfumed toilet paper...

Damn, just when I had to run to the bathroom and needed it!


I don't know what both of them have been up to, but I'll find out soon!

Look how he's staring at me, with his eyes wide open!

He thinks he'll soften my heart by looking at me like that, but I'm not falling for it anymore!


A family photograph that is more ironic than it seems ...

The family dog seems to want to protect himself in the arms of his owner, but from what? Well, from the furious uncle after he found out the dog had eaten all the pie crust!

Look at him, after creating chaos in the toilet, he is totally unmoved!


Guess what he did?

The author of the photograph said: "He stole a plastic sheep from our daughters and tore it to pieces. He's probably frustrated that he was not allowed to get close to our real sheep because of his bad behavior ... well no wonder!"

My new sofa! Why??

He made a mess, I show him the evidence and he looks away ...

image: Reddit

...What an ill mannered dog!

Who knows who the guilty party is...

He ate a slice of the homemade cake ... guilty until proven otherwise!

Caught red handed!

image: Reddit

Not only did he leave the toilet paper all over the bathroom floor, but he took the toilet seat with him as if it were a collar: what patience we need with our pets!

"I swear human, it wasn't me!"

Our four-legged friends are completely incorrigible, aren't they? Since you have reached the end of our list, we can only recommend, with enthusiasm, the Reddit Guilty Dogs group, where users from all over the world publish irresistible and ironic snapshots of their dogs caught in the act after doing something " forbidden" and who felt hopelessly guilty towards their favorite humans.

With those looks we can forgive anything!

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