This unusual pair of friends take incredible…
20 photos to which it is impossible to attribute a logical explanation This dog is known throughout the neighborhood for her curious passion --- hugging passers-by!

This unusual pair of friends take incredible trips together and enchant us with their photos!

December 05, 2017 • By Shirley Marie Bradby

It all began when mountain climber Cynthia Bennett and her partner decided to adopt a puppy dog named Henry and take him on the road with them.

Henry was only 14 weeks old, but he was already brave enough to face excursions and all types of mountain climbing. However, after a relatively short while, a fourth adventurer joined the three travelers!

As a matter of fact, Cynthia and her partner adopted a cat named Baloo, who soon became Henry's best friend!

This dog Henry and his friend, the cat Baloo love exploring the great outdoors together!

About two months after Henry was adopted, Cynthia and her partner decided to expand the family and they adopted Baloo.


Despite the uncertainties, Baloo was lovingly welcomed by everyone (probably because of his irresistible sweetness).

At first, Cynthia was skeptical about the relationship between Henry and Baloo.

However, the two animals gave signs of mutual understanding and respect right away.


With the passage of time, the link between Henry and Baloo has intensified more and more. Now, all four live together in total harmony.

From the start, Baloo seemed particularly predisposed to traveling! In fact, within a very short time, he adapted to the rhythms of the unusual group.


Cynthia, in fact, says that every time she picks up Henry's leash to take him out for a walk, Baloo meows to get her to take him along with them.

With the arrival of Henry first and then Baloo, the Bennett team is complete and they are ready for any adventure!


The mountain hikes seem to have a different feel, better and more fun, now that Henry and Baloo are in the group ...

Henry and Baloo are not only able to be good friends, but also share a passion for hiking!

Perhaps you are more predisposed to think of an adventurous dog, rather than a cat. That's why the presence of Baloo in the photos usually leave everyone speechless.

However, Baloo's situation, in fact, is not unique! Actually, there are many other cases of cats traveling around the world together with their owners.

For a pet owner, being able to take their pet animal on the road with them can be an indescribable joy.

Cats making friends with dogs and adoring traveling!? Who would have thought it possible?

Looking at these photos, only one thing comes to mind --- do not believe in clichés because ...

By putting aside old convictions, and you may find a world more beautiful than you were willing to believe!

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