Here is the moving moment in which a…
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Here is the moving moment in which a cat "introduces" her kittens to her dear canine friend

February 10, 2020 • By Shirley Marie Bradby

In the common imagination, dogs and cats do not get along very well.

So much so, that for "encounters" of this type, countless sayings and proverbs have been written that describe the two four-legged animals as eternal enemies.

However, are we really sure that there is always a difficult relationship between them?

In all honesty, that is not really true, considering all the incidents, which we have often narrated, of the strong friendships and bonds that occur between specimens of animals of different species.

So, in these cases, it becomes absolutely normal for a mother cat, proud of her litter, to do everything to include a dear old friend in her very special moment of happiness!

An image - or a video - is sometimes worth a thousand words, and never as in this case is that phrase more appropriate.

In any case, we would certainly all think so seeing this mother cat showing off her wonderful kittens to an old acquaintance of hers.

And it is precisely here that the surprise arrives: the cat's special friend is, in fact, an adorable female dog!

That's right! Just take a look at the touching video to witness how the mother cat allows her canine friend to sniff and play with her little kittens to become familiar with them.

Once the mother cat "greets" her friend, the cat gets out of the way and, quietly, watches the dog play with her kittens, and then allows herself to have a little fun with her canine friend, too.

Although at first glance, it may seem that the animals are hurting each other, but actually quite the opposite is true.

The little gentle blows that are given with their paws are real gestures of affection, friendship, and play. They are simply adorable! They could not be described in any other words.

The animal world always manages to amaze us in the best way, giving us a little serenity even in the saddest moments.

Below is the link to a very nice video that shows the two special friends in question:


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