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A dog who wasn't pregnant began nursing…
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A dog who wasn't pregnant began nursing a stray kitten, managing to save her life

August 27, 2020 • By Alison Forde

After thousands of years of civilization, progress and technological achievement, nature still manages to surprise us. Plants and animals can adapt and have qualities that are extraordinary.

These natural adaptations are often concern with aspects of reproduction and conservation of the species. These are mechanisms created to favor evolution and survival.

One of these phenomena is pseudocyesis, that is the condition of "pseudo pregnancy", which occurs without conception. The process is quite common in domestic dogs, directly inherited from wilder relatives such as wolves.

In practice, when an Alpha male mates, it is not only the alpha female who can have the typical symptoms of a pregnancy. Other females in the pack also become pseudo-pregnant, so that if necessary the young have enough milk to feed on.


Michelle Smith works in an animal shelter in North Carolina, and has been looking after 4-legged friends for years. One day she was called out to verify a report from a member of the public.

A Shih-Tzu dog was barking loudly trying to get attention. The woman followed her and found a makeshift kennel where a very small kitten was lying. The dog lay down next to the kitten, and began to feed her.


The incredible thing was not just seeing two different species taking care of each other, but discovering that the bitch was not even pregnant. It was an absolute case of solidarity between creatures in need in an emergency situation.

Both the Shih-Tzu and her "adopted daughter" were brought to the shelter. They were given names of Goldie and Kate, just like the famous mother and daughter actresses: Goldie Hawn and Kate Hudson. Now the two princesses are inseparable. A sweet and touching story that shows how much people have to learn from animals, in terms of "humanity".

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