Three cats stalking a bird get --- PUNKED! -
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Three cats stalking a bird get --- PUNKED!
Everyone judges her because of her hair! A domino project that took 15,000 pieces and 25 hours to complete!

Three cats stalking a bird get --- PUNKED!

September 21, 2016 • By Shirley Marie Bradby

The interaction between cats and dogs is really hilarious, especially due to their profound diversity that makes them both irreplaceable pets and companions. 

On one hand, cats tend to be calmer, more meditative and prudent, but on the other hand, dogs are characterized by their increased and marked tendency to cause destruction and general confusion.

This difference is strikingly evident in this video! We see three cats silently stalking and staring at a sparrow right outside the window, but just when they least expect it ....they get punked ... by the house dog! :)

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