An abandoned kitten is "adopted" and raised by a Husky: now she acts like a dog

Alison Forde

July 17, 2020

An abandoned kitten is

Animals have accustomed us to stories and behaviors that often amaze us in the most beautiful ways. Their attitudes, in fact, manage to give important lessons to us humans, and we can see them as splendid exampes of tolerance and altruism.

It is appropriate to say that diversity does not count for them, taking as a starting point the story we are about to tell you. The protagonists are a very sweet Husky named Lilo and an unfortunate kitten who was at risk of not making it. "Unfortunate" yes, but only at first, because thanks to this splendid dog she found an affection and a warmth that only the mother who she did not have could have given her.

via lilothehusky/Instagram


Lilo the Husky/Facebook

We are in San Jose, California. The kitten was abandoned right here on the street, and when the three sisters who live with Lilo rescued her, the baby was certainly not in good health. The kitten, in fact, had been separated too early from her mother, and bringing her back to full strength was not a simple undertaking. She was wary and refused to feed, and for sure, in that state, would not have lasted long.

Fortunately, however, there was also the Husky Lilo at home with her, who has always had an excellent relationship with cats, unlike what one might believe about the relationship between cats and dogs. The dog, intrigued and apparently made tender by the kitten, approached and began to cuddle her, until incredibly the kitty got suckled by her. It did not take much, at that point, for Rosie - as the cat saved from the street was called - to recover.


The affection she showed her was unique and special, and it was as if the closeness to the dog gave her new life. Lilo never cared that the baby she had "adopted" was a kitten instead of a puppy, and the two ended up forming a truly enviable friendship. In the following months, Rosie, fully restored to strength, also joined Miko and Infinity, the other two huskies who were also in the house, saved by the sisters. The quartet is now so close-knit that their deeds are followed by many viewers on Instagram and Facebook.

The strongest bond, however, Rosie has - and will always have - is with Lilo, who was her first and true savior. Without her she would not have made it, and she would not be free to run, play, have fun and perform acrobatics as if she were a real little dog too. In fact, every now and then Rosie swims with her canine "mom"! It's true: animals always know how to show us they can go beyond difference, in lovely examples of inclusion and tolerance!