Man saves 5 puppies from the bottom of a well: now they are part of his family -
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Man saves 5 puppies from the bottom…
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Man saves 5 puppies from the bottom of a well: now they are part of his family

June 29, 2020 • By Cylia Queen

What would you do if, while you were walking down the street, you heard puppies crying? If you're a slightly decent human being, you'd probably stop and try to figure out where their cries are coming from and help them however you could. This is exactly what Surachet Klaewkla, a man from Thailand, did when he heard what sounded like puppies crying from the bottom of a well. 

It started out like any other day for Surachet. He was simply walking down the street when he heard the sound of puppies crying somewhere nearby. At first, he couldn't figure out where the cries were coming from. That is, until he spotted a well. When he lifted the covering off the well, his worst fears were confirmed: someone had thrown the puppies into the well and they were crying for someone to help them! 

Surachet immediately climbed down into the well and rescued the pups. When he brought them to the surface, there were five of them and they were all covered in mud. 

Surachet has no idea who threw the pups into the well, but he for sure wasn't happy about it. He decided to take them home and give them a good bath. He and his family also gave them some food and water and all the affection the pups could ask for. 


Although Surachet and his family could have easily given the pups up for adoption, they decided to keep all five of them. Surachet didn't want to take any risks giving them to another family. With them, at least he knew that they would have a nice place to live and be surrounded by humans who loved them. 

Way to go Surachet for rescuing these poor, innocent pups! It takes a person with a big heart and a lot of courage to climb to the bottom of a well. Those pups, we're sure, will be forever greatful!

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