18 great problem-solving tips that every…
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18 great problem-solving tips that every car owner should know

June 29, 2018 • By Shirley Marie Bradby

For work, for travel, for the daily transport of children and/or animals ... The car is often a means of transport that is subject to all kinds of wear and tear --- and dirt.

However, a car is also the means of transportation that each of us can transform according to our personal needs and taste to make it more comfortable and suitable for our main travel needs.

Not to mention that a car is also the place that accompanies so many beautiful memories! Therefore, let's discover some great tips to make your car even more comfortable and special!

Rule number 1 --- to have a better chance of keeping your car clean, it is always good to keep a small trash basket on hand!

If you're used to transporting a lot of people or planning a car trip with friends, think about how to transport snacks easily and better protect your upholstery!

image: musely.com

Having some cash money in the car can always be useful. However, you should try to create a hiding place that is invisible to the eyes of the bad guys.

An easy way to clean and remove animal hair from car seats? Just moisten the seats lightly with water using a spray bottle and remove the animal hair with a squeegee.

Children and long trips by car --- sometimes having a tablet with which to entertain your children is a real lifesaver, but also think about protecting the device itself!

image: Nifty

The wiper blades on your windshield wipers must also be cleaned! Do it with a small quantity of alcohol and you will be able to make sure they do not leave some streaks on the windshield glass!

A tip for the garage par excellence! Protect the door from scratches by applying a rubber device (such as the PVC floating tubes used in the swimming pool that are among the most useful materials).


A sticky slime can be useful to clean the most difficult car surfaces.

Transform the back of the car seat into a convenient storage area!

image: hgtv.com

And if you need to hang clean clothes while traveling to your next business meeting, this ceiling and front seat barrier net in the back area of your car is the solution for you.

Car air fresheners can be very strong for some people. Try replacing them with scented candles!

Do you have a device to remove staples from documents? Find out how much it can be useful in managing your key ring!

An empty medicine container can function as an excellent coin purse!

image: Popsugar.com

Another idea for a do-it-yourself car deodorant! All you need is one clothespin, hot glue, cotton balls, and a few drops of your favorite essential oil!

image: YouTube

Water, vinegar, lemon and baking soda --- with this mix you can clean your car naturally and effectively!

How to manage your children's whims during long car trips? Try with "the clothespins of the good passenger". Every unjustified complaint will remove one clothespin. Naturally, the one who "wins" is the one who maintains the highest number.

Defrost the ice on your car windshield and windows in a second with a very effective spray! Just mix in a spray bottle --- two parts of water, one of alcohol, and one part of dishwashing liquid!

image: mom4real.com
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