19 people who were photographed just…
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19 people who were photographed just moments before being involved in an entertaining disaster

January 17, 2021 • By Alison Forde

A good photographer is one who manages to capture the right moment to immortalize an emotion, a scene, an impression that can last forever. In short, you have to be in the right place, at the right time. In fact, with a bit of luck, we can capture memorable moments. Sometimes, we find ourselves photographing small everyday events, which suddenly take an unexpected turn, creating incredibly funny situations. Animals that accidentally fall into the water, jokes that cause chaos, food that accidentally falls to the ground just as the shot is taken: a real disaster!

1. Poor girl, who knows if she managed to move her finger in time ...

2. "My husband thought it was a good idea to pick me up while we were standing dangerously close to the creek on our wedding day."


3. Here the disaster was already underway ...

image: Reddit

4. It's nice to relax in the sun right? Who knows how relaxed she must have felt a few seconds after this shot ...

image: vadge/imgur

5. Just a moment earlier she said to her friend: "I think this bag is about to break ..."


6. Marat Safin lifts his tennis trophy ... OOPS!

7. When you sacrifice dinner for an acrobatic photo ...


8. Perfect timing for a selfie, don't you think?

9. A perfect shot - ... oops!

image: Imgur

10. "My daughter about to slip on a piece of LEGO"

11. "We are good parents, you have to believe us!"

12. A ruined evening? Better to laugh about it!

13. "Long live the groom! Hip hip ...owie!"

14. It could have been the best party of her life but instead ...

15. It couldn't have been pleasant ...

16. "Here darling, it's a long journey, drink some water ... OH NO!"

17. The dog's expression before hitting the water says it all

18. The fall of the grand paella

19. Bad timing ...

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