17 people who are in urgent need of…
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17 people who are in urgent need of a professional makeover!

January 10, 2021 • By Alison Forde

When we decide to change, we often choose to do it starting with our appearance. We therefore rely on style experts or ask a friend or relative to improvise as a beautician or hairdresser. In the most extreme cases we instead take a scissors, a pencil or tweezers and we position ourselves in front of the mirror with a good dose of courage and with the hope that a small transformation will make us feel better. But things, unfortunately, don't always go according to expectations. These 17 people made a not very successful change of style, and they shared it with a smile in order to dissuade us from doing the same.

1. He asked his wife for a haircut and this is the result. Maybe it's time to call a professional?

image: pimack reddit

2. Those brows need a touch up: the effect is nowhere near natural.

image: reddit

3. Nor was this make-up made with a natural effect in mind: lips and eyebrows need to be reviewed.

4. Full marks for originality, but it might have been better to opt for something more restrained.

5. This guy also needs immediate professional intervention: landing strips are not in fashion.


6. Have they been tattooed or painted on? A beautician will know how to fix these brows to enhance the girl's look.

image: sjmbr reddit

7. He probably cut his hair with the light off: the asymmetrical bob is no longer seen even in horror films.

image: Cock reddit

8. This man actually paid a lot of money to have his curls straightened: it would be better to change hairdresser.

9. In terms of originality, this guy surpasses everyone: have you ever seen a crazy chessboard hairstyle?


10. A long quiff, a mullet and a shaved design. Perhaps he should cut everything to zero?

11. Also in this case the symmetry of the hairstyle is questionable. It would be advisable to immediately book a session at the hairdresser.

12. Those braids don't suit him at all. We advise cutting them off now.

13. They don't even look like real eyebrows, they are so badly executed. Professional intervention is required.

14. His brother offered to cut his hair, but held the machine on his head longer than necessary.

image: k8o123 reddit

15. These eyebrows also look rather unnatural and don't enhance her look. Let's call in reinforcements!

16. Hair, beard and mustache have become one thanks to the thick sideburns: he seems to be wearing a mask.

17. These pencil thin eyebrows are no longer in fashion: thicker eyebrows are the style now for such beautiful eyes.

image: slira reddit

How many times, looking in the mirror, have you thought "now I want to cut and dye it all". In these cases it's best to stop and take a deep breath, even if we have all made some disasterous mistakes with our looks. Tell us about yours in the comments!

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