24 tragicomic situations that none of…
How to unclog a drain in less than a minute! A simple and natural method! 15 hilarious photos of the most difficult profession in the world --- being a parent!

24 tragicomic situations that none of us would ever want to face

June 21, 2018 • By Shirley Marie Bradby

In lifethere are serious moments and humorous moments. And then there are moments that are both at the same time.

At least seen from the right distance, that is ours, here, in front of a screen, comfortably sheltered from the twists of fate.

We have collected 24 photos that narrate the small and big misadventures in which people and animals have fiercely confronted their fate with alternating results.

1. "Ok, hold it! Nobody moves!"

2. "In a complicated relationship"


3. When you can save only the essentials!

4. "Come on, say it again, come on!"

5. Oops! ... Beer tonight.


6. It seems that the opening of the new motorway will have to be delayed!

7. When a bucket of paint spills ... inside your car!


8. Break the rules, pay the consequences!

9. "Looks like I have got some soup ... in my pepper!"


10. Nope, I do not know what happened. Anything else?

11. At that moment you realize you will not be able to recharge your smartphone ...

12. "I can neither go down nor go up!" Awkward.

13. One moment of distraction ....and look what happens!

14. Creative parking

15. Well, now let's pretend it's contemporary art.

16. Hi Tech cookers

17. Avocado surprise

18. Human evil on display ...

19. This guy also repainted his car, but with a different technique

20. Underground parking ... seriously ... almost submerged!

21. The weekend begins well ...

22. Who wins between a perfectly tidy kitchen and a single, small sideboard that decides to break away from the wall?

23. The untouchable coffee cup. You drink it cold.

24. How to turn a motorist into ... a pedestrian.

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