17 hilarious photos of people who probably…
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17 hilarious photos of people who probably had a worse day than you

January 20, 2021 • By Alison Forde

When your day starts off on the wrong foot, it almost seems like there's nothing in our power to reverse the trend. How many of you have had a "bad" day? Everyone in life knows that feeling. It seems to us that the world is turning against us and that all the fingers are pointing at us in an accusatory way. No matter the extent of the problem - it is evident how luck has suddenly turned its back on us. Even the less superstitious will be likely to question the existence of luck, good or bad, after seeing this roundup of photos.

1. "I broke my only pair of glasses on the day that a total lockdown due to Covid-19 was announced in my city. Well, I guess I won't see well until February ..."

2. "Now I know why last night's candle had an unusual fragrance ..."


3. Maybe it wasn't a good idea to put them in the dryer ... now they look like cartoon shoes!

4. When you get in the car and realize you've left an open packet of gummy bears on the dashboard. In the sun...

5. This is a big problem ...


6. "My 12-year-old son is allergic to just about everything ..."

7. The diamond on my engagement ring fell out today. It had a 10-year warranty. Yesterday was our 10th wedding anniversary ... "


8. If this isn't bad luck, I don't know what is?

9. "Ready to face a 9 hour journey ... after 30 minutes we got a puncture!"


10. These decorative candles are beautiful, right? Ok, wait til they melt ...

11. "I'm the only one in my office of 30 who came to work in costume today. Dressed as a banana"

12. I can't even do the laundry in safety!

image: Reddit

13. She really tried hard to get a window seat ...

14. "This is the photo that ended up in the yearbook for my first year as a teacher"

15. "My wife asked me to measure the door, I replied that they are all the same ..."

16. Blending your shirt while making a cake ... ever tried it?

17. "Excuse me could you take a picture of us?"

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