19 people who have perfectly mastered…
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19 people who have perfectly mastered the art of laziness

June 20, 2018 • By Shirley Marie Bradby

Laziness is the most ancient and widespread defect of humanity.

No one is safe from it, and even the most energetic and willing people find themselves, from time to time, tight in the grips of apathy and inertia.

But sometimes laziness reaches that level where the intention to move as few muscles as possible becomes more complex than the recommended solution!

Those are the moments when being lazy is right on the edge of becoming grotesque. Here, we have collected 19 examples for you.

1. The layering of old television sets, also known as the "totem of laziness".

2. Two packs in one? Why contradict the advertising.


3. This strange example of severe laziness --- they even bought some food package bag clips to close the bags but then ruined everything!

4. Once again, we take a look at the usefulness of the packaging.

image: Shykit/reddit

5. When even your dog knows you are lazy and brings the frisbee directly to the window ...


6. Again, removing all the packaging is not really necessary

7. Pennette pasta with cellophane, to avoid having to wash the plates!

image: mrkuta/reddit

8. An impressive Tower of Babel of pizza cartons

9. Until they are both not completely destroyed, they will not be replaced.


10. If you cannot find an electric mixer, simply put a pair of scissors in an electric drill ...

11. Eat your cereal directly from a plastic carton

12. Cat walking ... controlled through a window

13. Directly proportional to income and laziness

14. That yellow thing is his shirt. Hung out to dry in the morning at 130 feet (forty meters) high, without clothespins.

15. The complex calculations of lazy people who decide to use and not use the cart at the same time

image: KonJUR/pikabu

 16. If chairs work well when they are still in the box why unpack them?

17. He sees things the same way ...

 18. Rodent-like precision developed so as not to remove labels

 19. Last but not least ... there is this guy!

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