26 solutions to small daily problems…
21 photos that will make your bad mood disappear in less than 5 minutes! Little boys make fun of an old man's house and someone hears them and silences them in an exemplary manner!

26 solutions to small daily problems which may be absurd but you will end up appreciating them!

June 20, 2018 • By Shirley Marie Bradby

Despite our attempts at control, reality is unpredictable and changeable. 

So, the only way to follow the rhythm of life and to avoid becoming easy prey to anxiety and despair is to know how to be equally flexible in the face of daily difficulties and unexpected events.

How? By leveraging a weapon of which we are naturally gifted, our imagination, and combining it with commitment and willpower, to give life to amazing solutions!

Do you want some examples? Here are some!

1. Modernize your TV? Easy, with a flat screen and some duct tape!

2. Did the handle on the shovel break? Repair it with a crutch.


3. The owners of the house were obviously willing to do anything to add another floor to their house ...

4. Combing your hair during the lunch break is easy if you have a plastic fork.

5. Home security --- keep the front door closed and chained to the wall


6. When you think you have nothing to close the bolt latch with, you remember your favorite cheese-flavored snack ...

7. How to create a wide-brimmed hat on those torrid summer days


8. It seems useless, but it could work ... to get you to the nearest garage

9. Do-it-yourself car repairs


10. Use a newspaper as a welding mask

11. When you have no intention of buying a new cable to power your PC

12. Looking at things from another perspective helps to see things in the right way ... even rolls of toilet paper ...

13. The alcohol contained in the bottle must have inspired someone with the idea of a carrot cork!

14. A custom-made door

15. Desperate situations impose desperate solutions!

16. Employ in a creative and useful way an abandoned toilet bowl in the garden ...

17. Touch screen frozen? No problem!

18. When the air conditioner breaks down, but your creativity is always in motion.

19. A new life for old shoes as house shoes!

20. An alternative smartphone support

21. A smartphone cover with questionable aesthetics

22. Or the spoon was enormous or the door was tiny ...

23. Car patches

 24. For older children who do not want to ask for help when they fry food!

 25. An ingenious way to fill the bottle when there is no funnel ...

image: poonami/imgur

 26. It's a mirror and it's small ... so, it's fine as an outside rear-view mirror, no?

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