An unemployed man misses a job interview to save someone's life: now everyone wants to hire him -
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An unemployed man misses a job interview…
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An unemployed man misses a job interview to save someone's life: now everyone wants to hire him

By Alison Forde

Imagine waking up early in the morning, getting ready and being nervous about a job interview; what could go wrong on that day? Often the most unpredictable things in life not only happen when we least expect them, but they happen in the right place and at the right time. A coincidence that Aaron Tucker experienced, a man who, released a week before from prison, was finally about to have a job interview.

via: Daily News
image: Westport News

On the morning of the interview Aaron was on his way to the meeting place aboard a bus, and did not know that his life would soon change; he looked up and saw that a car had been in a bad accident crashing into a tree; Aaron knew he couldn't stand and watch and do nothing; so he abandoned his work appointment and rushed to help.

Aaron approached the driver who was on the bleeding ground, and tried to keep him awake until the ambulance arrived: "I just wanted to make sure he was okay, and that's what I did!"

image: Go Fund Me

In all that time, Aaron Tucker was not thinking at all about the job interview he had missed in coming to the rescue of the poor man who had had that terrible accident: "It hadn't crossed my mind, because a job can come and go, but we only get one life. The only thing that crosses my mind is that the person in the car might die and I could help him..."

The job was very important to Aaron, as his release from prison and gaining employment would allow him to rejoin society and also support his 21-month-old son, but saving a life was much more important to him. And paradoxically, after the rescue, the man received a lot of job offers and 50,000 dollars raised by his community. His extraordinary gesture earned him three offers for jobs in construction and in a rubber factory.

But there is no doubt: Aaron is a true hero!


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