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17 people who didn't want a pet in the…
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17 people who didn't want a pet in the house and now treat it like a family member

January 19, 2021 • By Alison Forde

There are certain things that people won't compromise on and one of them is having pets in the house: dad, mom, boyfriend or girlfriend may refuse to have a hairy being around and the excuses are "I don't like them ”,“ they leave too many hairs ”,“ they dirty everything ”,“ they cost too much ”. This is their position, and they have no intention of compromising. The situation changes, however, when you show up with an animal without their consent. The first few days will be a battle but, after looking the little one in the eye and having pushed themselves to have some contact with the pet animal, their hearts will start to melt. This is demonstrated by these photos, in which people who initially did not want an animal now treat it as a child under the pleased gaze of those who, on the other hand, really wanted an animal in the family.

1. At first he said "we can't keep him", but now he works on the computer with the cat asleep on his shoulder.

2. "No dogs in this house," he said, and then he built a house just for his lovely puppy.

image: yare/twitter

3. This dad was also categorical in his pet refusal: now, however, he finds himself having to sleep on the floor to make the cat more comfortable.

4. He didn't want a pet dog, yet now he takes her everywhere he goes and involves her in everything he does.

5. This man has gone from "I don't want pets" to carrying the cat in his arms to his room when it's time for a nap.


6. Before he couldn't stand cats, a few months later his daughter found them cuddled up together.

7. This dad dressed "the dog he didn't want" in the dress his daughter wore as a child. A new baby has come into the house.


8. This dad also didn't want a dog and was adamant. A few months later his son found them like this, and it happens regularly.

9. The dad who didn't want a cat now shows him every single purchase because "the cat wants to see what we bought".

image: ruby/twitter

10. This dad sits in his armchair every night and plays the guitar for the cats he never wanted in the house.

11. Not just one pet but two: one on his legs and one by his side. But he didn't want to know right at the beginning.

12. This dad claimed he didn't like their pet dog, but he built this coffee table with a cozy doghouse for her.

13. Dad once said "get this cat out of my bed immediately", but now he has sweet dreams by his side.

14. According to this man, the dog should never have gotten into his car or his bed. Is he still convinced?

15. The husband didn't want a dog but the wife did: the dog spends more time with him than with her, has he changed his mind?

image: doowle/reddit

16. Here's the woman who didn't want a dog. But how can you resist when faced with that expression? You just can't.

17. This husband was also categorical: the dog is doing everything to make him change his mind. And he is succeeding.

Their position might seem immovable. However, a pair of sweet eyes, hairy ears, purring or tail wagging are enough to immediately change their minds even the hearts we thought were made of stone.

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