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A nurse adopts a child rejected more…
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A nurse adopts a child rejected more than 10 times: "He's not the child I chose, but the one God gave me"

By Alison Forde

Destiny wanted their paths to cross, and now they are inseparable. A health assistant from São Paulo in Brazil decided to adopt a child abandoned in a hospital by his mother, a child that no one wanted to adopt because of serious health problems. This woman's big heart, however, has forever changed the fate of this sweet child and of the adoptive mother forever. Here is their story.

The health assistant is called Leinimar de Farias Cruz and she lives and works in Sao Paulo in Brazil. In the hospital where she works she was destined to meet little Paulo Henrique, born prematurely in difficult family circumstances: his mother was a drug addict, who was delivered of him in her seventh month of pregnancy by emergency caesarean section. The baby's premature birth caused him to suffer from a severe form of pulmonary bronchodysplasia, a disease which causes newborns to have breathing difficulties.

Leni was the nurse who was in charge of checking and changing Paulo's gastric tube and so, over time, she formed a very special bond with him. The health assistant visited him whenever she could, even on weekends once he had been  transferred to a special ward. When the little boy turned 5, Leni decided she should adopt him.


Paulo Henrique also had language problems, but only because he had had few opportunities to develop outside the hospital environment, so Leni knew that if she could adopt him, it would change his life for the better: "In my heart I was sure that he would be like my son. I had no idea how I would take care of him, wake up at 4:50 am to work, then come home at the end of the day, alone and unaided. I remember telling God that if he had brought Paulo to me, I would make him feel at home. "

Finally, in March 2020, Leni was able to officially adopt little Paulo Henrique, who is now slowly improving, learning to speak and his health is definitely changing for the better. Now that the little boy has found an adoptive mother who loves him more than anything in the world, he knows he needs nothing more than her love.


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