The children were rude to the bus driver: their mother makes them walk 7 km to school -
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The children were rude to the bus driver:…
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The children were rude to the bus driver: their mother makes them walk 7 km to school

December 30, 2020 • By Alison Forde

When it comes to raising children, there can be difficulties for some families. Wife and husband need to agree on the rules to be imposed and the principles to be followed in the home, so that a child doesn't feel confused by contradictory instructions. It is clear that every parent would like their child to grow up perfectly polite and that is why any call from school, starting from elementary school, can cause parents to sweat - "what has he been up to this time?" This is not the place to discuss whether punishments are actually beneficial and effective or if they should be avoided, but in any case we want to bring you the example of a mother who wanted to teach her two children a lesson.

As there is no manual with golden rules to follow to best raise a child, many people have to improvise, acting according to their own standards. When Jenn Brown, a mom from Harrow, in Ontario, Canada, learned that her two children had been rude to the school bus driver, she decided she would do something to correct their misbehavior. So, albeit reluctantly, she forced her two children to walk to school, whatever the weather conditions. The first morning, the mother accompanied them on the way, also to make sure they behaved appropriately.

Throughout the walk, a good 7 km on foot, the children had to carry a billboard that said why they were walking along the side of the road: "We were mean and rude to our bus driver! Mom is making us walk" . It took them 2 hours to get to school and they realized what it would mean to be kicked off of the bus permanently. Next time, they'll think twice before offending the man who keeps them from having to walk all that time every day!


Maybe he's a little unhappy, but he will certainly have learned his lesson ...

 What do you think of this life lesson? Was the mom too strict? Write your answer in the comments!


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