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A childless couple decide to get sterilized:…
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A childless couple decide to get sterilized: a choice that causes some discussion

By Alison Forde

The world has changed, and with it society and people's way of thinking; some prejudices have lapsed, while other values linked to freedom of choice have returned to the fore. For this reason, very often some young couples still have difficulties being understood and accepted for their ways of seeing the family today. In fact, not all couples, married or cohabiting, necessarily want children in creating their family.

image: El Imparcial

The story we want to tell you about today involves Lilia and Ulises, a couple from Hermosillo in Mexico who, at the age of 30, decided not only not that they don't want children but to undergo a surgical operation in order not to have any possibility of pregnanacy. Ulises, even before meeting Lilia, knew that he was not cut out for paternity, and when he learned that Lilia agreed, the two seemed destined to be together.

For this reason, they decided to go beyond traditional methods of contraception and Ulises underwent a vasectomy to eliminate any possibility of being able to conceive with his girlfriend.

image: El Imparcial

A gesture of love towards her, as Lilia said: "For me it was a very great act of love that he decided to undergo surgery. My family has learned to respect my decision, with a bit of disappointment, but they accept that it is what I want in my life. "

The decision not to have children and to have a surgical operation to close down the possibility is not necessarily an act of selfishness, but an act of empathy and a personal choice that as such must be understood and respected.

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