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A retired police dog gets so excited…
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A retired police dog gets so excited when he sees his handler again - he had never forgotten him

January 15, 2021 • By Alison Forde

Who said dogs don't have big hearts? Despite not having the gift of speech, their emotions are as pure as crystal clear water, their affection for their human families is sincere and unconditional. Don't be fooled by those who will tell you that "they are just animals": dogs can give love and companionship better than any living thing on this planet. Like Wangwang, a cute 9-year-old German Shepherd who retired as a police dog in 2019.

Wangwang had been an expertly trained dog for years with the Xichuan police in China, but after reaching 9 years of age, the specialized division decided to finally retire him and give him to a family where he could spend his last years in peace. But the policeman who had trained him years ago, and with whom he had developed a special relationship, had not forgotten him ...

This is why the man wanted to make a touching surprise visit to Wangwang, while he was on patrol in the neighborhood where the German shepherd now lives together with his new human family; the images in the video show the exact moment in which the dog is reunited with his ex-trainer, recognizing him immediately!

It was clear that Wangwang had not forgotten his favorite policeman, and the affection he felt towards him was crystal clear when Wangwang sat down next to the man, to prevent him from leaving. This is the true expression of Wangwang's unconditional love, a sweet retired German Shepherd who didn't hesitate to acknowledge the man who trained and raised him for years.

Our four-legged friends are sometimes better than human beings: their feelings are crystal clear and pure, and they cannot lie!

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