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19 inventions you will find to be indispensable…
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19 inventions you will find to be indispensable in your life

October 31, 2017 • By Shirley Marie Bradby

Sometimes we realize that there are many things in the world, but not those that are really essential.

Often we lack precisely those objects that, certainly, would not have an impact on a global scale, but they would simplify some everyday activities ... and that fact alone would certainly be helpful!

The following inventions will better clarify the concept we are talking about. Like for example,  how can you do without house slippers equipped with LED light, to walk in the dark without having to turn on the light?

1. Olive oil, salt, and pepper, all at your fingertips!

2. Peeling a pineapple has never been so easy ... and rewarding!

image: © pinterest

3. These transparent gel cleaning compound sponges eliminate dust and dirt in unreachable places.

image: © vivas

4. These USB keys have an external indicator that shows the available memory capacity.

image: © reddit

5. A bicycle-shaped pizza cutter!

image: © amazon

6. Slippers with LED lights! No more bumping into sharp edges and door jambs!

7. Bicycle-stroller: for mom's sports activity and the baby's comfort and safety.

image: © pinterest

8. A cutting board that also is a glass holder. Brilliant!

image: © oooms

9. A cup with a double bottom --- no more stained tablecloths!

image: © gizmodo

10. A planter for all types of balconies.

11. Benches equipped with a crank so no one has to sit on a wet bench.

12. A heating platform that connects to your smartphone.

image: © cnet

13. A brush that makes it easy to eliminate accumulated fallen hair.

14. A bedside table which becomes a handy and convenient breakfast tray.

15. A cutting board with a built-in scale.

16. Containers with a programmed opening time to eliminate temptations or to keep objects safe.

17. A bilateral keyboard for smartphones.

18. A special bag that allows you to boil and drain foods easily.

image: © FoodPod

19. A candle that can be used again and again ...


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