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13 clever gadgets created to make life much simpler!

Creativity and ingenuity make humans special beings! You do not have to be Einstein to recognize the truth in this statement! Every day, in fact, in every part of the world someone similar to us imagines…

13 exceptional tricks that will simplify the life of each of us

Would you like to know a trick to make a salad left in the fridge last a few more days? Or how to empty a closet in a matter of minutes? No, we are not going to talk about magic or spells! These tricks…

14 people who would rightly deserve a Nobel Prize for the idea they had

The Nobel Prize is one of the most prestigious awards that a person can receive in the fields of science and culture. However, if the power to choose who to award the Nobel Prize was given to ordinary…

22 brilliant objects for which it would be worth spending your last dime

Designers are undoubtedly people without limits of imagination and creativity. They always manage to transform a very common object into something much more useful as well as more beautiful to see. From…

24 hacks that are a little bit crazy, but that make life much easier!

Nowadays, we have the tendency to look to technology for solutions to all of our problems, from those that are serious to those less serious! Most of the time, however, is just laziness, little or no…

20 companies that have used marketing strategies so ingenious as to be unforgettable

The quality of a product and the ability to know how to present it well are two areas of commerce that go hand in hand. In an attempt to sell and associate a positive idea with a brand, a company is continually…

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