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Look at what happens when the key of this 1700 piece of furniture is turned !

This furniture was designed in the late 1700s by Abraham and David Roentgen in Germany, with the help of dozens of skilled artisans. With its many compartments and internal mechanisms is a true gem of…

A stunning DIY Penny Floor design!

Do you want to renovate your house or just one room in particular? First, give free rein to your imagination, just like the Portland-based American DIY-er Imgur Tonya Tooners did. Imgur had to redo the…

This camper looks very small, but by pulling a handle EVERYTHING changes !

Thanks to an amazing effort to combine comfort, safety and versatility, the Gidget Campers where created in Australia. This surprising camper is able to satisfy all the needs that you may require. While…

The design of this camper is incredible: look what happens to the walls ... Wow!

The De Markies Trailer, which initially looks like a regular camper, is actually an amazing mobile home designed in 1985 by designer Eduard Bohtlingk. Its central structure has two walls that fan out…

When you see these original floors, you will start thinking about redoing your own!

If you have ever found yourself having to decide on a new floor for your house, then you will remember well the difficulty of making a choice! Furthermore, since the floor does not change every year, the…

A fantastic DIY Bathroom renovation project! Check it out!

The bathroom is one of the rooms in a house that gets ruined more quickly, not only because of the frequency of its use but also because it is exposed to continuous moisture when we take a shower or a…
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