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Video Design

Look at what happens when the key of this 1700 piece of furniture is turned !

This furniture was designed in the late 1700s by Abraham and David Roentgen in Germany, with the help of dozens of skilled artisans. With its many compartments and internal mechanisms is a true gem of…

This camper looks very small, but by pulling a handle EVERYTHING changes !

Thanks to an amazing effort to combine comfort, safety and versatility, the Gidget Campers where created in Australia. This surprising camper is able to satisfy all the needs that you may require. While…

He buys 7 IKEA kitchen cabinets and builds something BRILLIANT for his daughter

Since IKEA has literally conquered the furniture market, the availability of versatile and affordable objects stimulated people's creativity. This father, however, has gone even further: after buying…
Design DIY

This is one of the most luxurious yachts in the world: what you're about to see is beyond imagination !

The model you see is called J'ade, and is a luxury yacht designed by the Italian shipyard CRN Ferretti group. Winner of a prize for the best interior design at the Monaco Yacht Show 2014, J'ade offers…

Enjoy the beautiful art works created by these master craftsmen !

The city of Icheon, South Korea, has an old tradition in the production of handmade pottery, which has made it a real tourist destination. In the city there are a total of 80 manufacturing companies,…

What you can do in this 2 MILLION dollar POOL, is hard to believe...

If in some parts of the world there are people who do not even know what a bath is, in other some have too much money available and does not want to settle for a normal pool. This construction has 5 monumental…

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