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Video Seniors

Grandma unwraps her Christmas gift: her reaction will change your day !

This old lady is about to receive a wonderful surprise. If her relatives had some doubts about her appreciation, her reaction clears them all. Perfect gift!

Do not mess with the elderly. Exhilarating!

An elderly woman hits the car with her bag causing the activation of the airbag.
Funny Old Seniors

A man in the car is rude to an elderly woman. This is her awesome reaction !!!

Throughout adolescence, one of the precepts that you should teach kids is to always respect others and especially the elderly. However, this man doesn't seem to have understood it, and "urges" the crossing…

It may seem like a normal drawing, but looking at it closely...WOW !

Talent can really show up in the most diverse and surprising way, and this story proves it. After a life lived in disability caused by cerebral palsy, Paul Smith (1921) has been using a typewriter to…
Art Seniors

A 101 years old woman asks his son to stop in the snow: here's why....

When Albinia, a woman of 101 years old, asked her son Armand to stop the car in the middle of a snowy forest, he didn't expect that he'd witness uch a cute scene. The elderly woman in fact, despite a…

This man has Alzheimer's, and speaks with difficulty, but look what happens when he sees the dog ...

This man is suffering from the widespread degenerative disease called Alzheimer's, which deprived him almost completely the ability to interact and talk. In the video you see her daughter films him in…

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