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The grandmother who always sewed wonderful blankets: her grandchildren honor her by exhibiting them in church during the funeral

When a grandparent passes, it is inevitable to feel a feeling of despair and "emptiness", not only, obviously, for the loss, but also because with the elderly we lose real pieces of history, remnants…

A man takes his 99-year-old grandmother into his arms, recreating an old photo for her birthday

Whoever has - or has had - the opportunity of getting to know their grandparents knows just how fortunate they are/were. Although parents are definitely important, grandparents are even more important…

Wife and husband hold hands for the last time after 62 years together

These days, it's rare to hear about couples who've been together their entire lives. It's already a milestone if couples make it past the 5 or 10 year mark. Others, however, have found the secret to staying…

An old woman builds a "zoo" in her yard to make all the passersby smile

In times of medical emergency, many people thought it a good idea to take the opportunity to do good for others (and ultimately also for themselves) with kind and exemplary action. Despite the difficulties,…

An 84-year-old man fails to evict his 49-year-old daughter: the legal battle cost him $70,000

When you reach old age, the only thing you would like to be sure of is to enjoy the last years of your life in peace. At a certain age it is useless to meddle in too complex matters, rather we prefer…

He is 92 years old and still attending university: his dream is to become an architect

Who said that there is a "right" age we must not go beyond to follow our dreams? Conventions, fears, anxieties or fear of the judgment of others may sometimes convince us that it is so, but in reality…

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