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After 20 years of being homeless, this man has clear priorities: "I prefer to live on the street rather than abandon my dog"

When we see a homeless person, we automatically think that their life is miserable and unhappy. As a rule, we all agree that social and economic problems and pressures often force people to live on…

Woman graduates at 84, after being forced to abandon her studies: "Don't let anyone stop you"

You are never too old to finish your studies. An 84-year-old woman finally earned her degree after pursuing it for nearly seven decades. After enrolling at the University of Minnesota in 1955 - and earning…

Three teenagers stop to help a woman with a broken down car: they push the car for 9 km

If you are amongst those who have lost faith in the younger generation, this story, perhaps, will make you think again. Young people, in fact, are able to show all the compassion in the world and know…

Grandparents go out to dinner with their grandchildren, see a 90-year-old man all alone and invite him to eat with them

Being elderly brings with it having a lot of life experience. The elderly have lived through many different situations, and are able to share their gathered wisdom with others - but what if one is…

Elderly man calls the mayor every day to insult her: she visits his house with croissants and a friendship is born

When one is in a position to do something for one's neighbor, one should not hesitate to take the initiative. The mayor of an Italian village, in the province of Ravenna, was very good at patiently listening to the…

Man graduates at the age of 80, for the second time: "Studying saved me after the loss of my wife"

Going back to school or university after a certain age is not easy: the brain is no longer trained to learn new things every day and it can be difficult to start a new course of learning. In some cases,…

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