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7 simple photography hacks

Play with the imagination and enjoy taking real artistic photos! With a few tricks you can get truly original shots avoiding digital filters, using only the distorting effects of light and a bit of photographic…

30 photos showing that genetics is a serious matter

How many times has someone said to you: "You look just like your dad", or some other family member? Although perhaps you may not see it, such an obvious similarity can really exist. In fact, genetics…

The photo shoot of two newlyweds was made even more memorable by the arrival of a raccoon family

The wedding day for many couples is like a dream come true, that special part of a fairy tale that is either beginning or continuing - a day in which newlyweds share their great joy with the whole world.…

18 surreal images that show us what nature is capable of ...

If you surf the web or browse through naturalistic photography books, perhaps you thought you had already seen everything (or almost) that nature has to offer! Well, this photo gallery that we propose…

She is 70 years old but looks half her age; her secret is nutrition combined with regular physical exercise.

It is true that the years pass for everyone, but there are those who manage to face changes in a decidedly more practical way. After all, age is a state of mind, even if our body clearly warns us of the…

15 people who found themselves in front of their doppelganger and decided to immortalize the moment

The genetic combinations that formulate the appearance of a single person are innumerable, yet this does not prevent the occasional encounter between strangers who are so similar in looks that they both…

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