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Video Photography

7 simple photography hacks

Play with the imagination and enjoy taking real artistic photos! With a few tricks you can get truly original shots avoiding digital filters, using only the distorting effects of light and a bit of photographic…

A mother lovingly photographs her newborn twin girls! The captured moments are unforgettable!

Do you like newborn baby photography sessions where the camera focuses only on the newborn babies and not on the parents?! If your answer is "yes", then this video is for you! In fact, here, when we see…

Here's what this mom does every time her daughter is sleeping: AMAZING !

The moments of the day when a baby sleeps are critical because they allow her mother to have some time for houseworks or maybe enjoy a little 'well-deserved rest. However, the talented Adele Enersen wanted…

You want to take amazing PHOTOS with your PHONE? Here are some INGENIOUS tricks to make it happen !

Thanks to the latest mobile phones equipped with professional cameras, photography and video have had an impressive improvement. In addition to simply take pictures though, by knowing some little tricks…

One candle, a photo, and tracing paper --- Then turn on your hair dryer...Wow!

A house filled with a lot of photographs reveals the presence of a family with lots of memories, with photos that record their family history, and that look back on all the happy moments spent together.…

"Coral Colors" - the colors of beauty captured in a mesmerizing video clip!

Corals and sea anemones are a particular animal class that in the Greek language is called an "animal-flower". These are small polyps that live in colonies and are one of the most spectacular nature shows…

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