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11 photos that will touch your hearts more than what a thousand words can

Everyone has heard the expression that an image is worth a thousand words. Sometimes, images are able to get points across better than words. When we think about political campaigns, billboard signs,…

15 photos show that the place where we feel most secure is in our mothers' arms

Dogs are said to be able to recognize their parents and family members even in adulthood. We do not know with absolute certainty whether this occurs, but several studies suggest that recognition and attachment…

This hairstylist encourages his clients to be proud of their grays, not cover them up

At the sight of their first gray hairs, many women run immediately to the hair salon to ask their stylist to cover them up. This first "cover up" leads to a lifetime of touchups, which costs lots of money…

A funny optical illusion: try to find the dog in this image

Keeping your brain active is one of the best things you can do to fight against brain aging and diseases like Alzheimer's and Dementia. Sometimes, all you need to keep your brain from remaining idle too…

These dads would do anything for their children, even dressing like a princess: 17 photos that show their tender side

The father figure has definitely evolved over the years and, if in the past the dads preferred to disappear in the face of certain family duties, today they seem increasingly determined to face their…

This married couple of nurses smile in the midst of the emergency: a photo symbol of love and hope

There are some images that, more than others, have the incredible power to symbolize an important moment, sometimes an entire era, and remain etched in people's memories for a long time. They are precisely…

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