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17 naughty cats who give their dog roommates a hard time

They say that cats and dogs don't get along very well, but it seems to be an "urban legend" rather than an objective and scientific reality. Cats, however, can be decidedly spiteful towards their distant…

19 funny family photos that are so bizarre they will make you smile

What's better than browsing through old photo albums and reliving the memories of a distant time, which we only knew as children? Sometimes, precious surprises can be found within these nostalgic photos…

17 vintage photos remind us of all the charm of our grandparents and their timeless beauty

Naturalness is something that has gradually been lost in this modern age, in which millions of people are looking for the most effective filter to be able to look great in a photo to show to the whole…

Social media vs. reality: 15 fun photos show "behind the scenes" of some terrific shots

Professional photographers know every single trick of the trade to be able to get the best results and give the whole world  magical and  amazong shots. Sometimes it takes a bit of inventiveness and…

Profile photo VS reality: 12 people who have decided to reveal themselves before and after photo retouching

Nowadays it is very easy to deceive others about your appearance. If makeup is always an excellent ally for hiding wrinkles and various skin imperfections, the results obtained with Photoshop and the…

18 people who prove that being incredibly tall isn't always a blessing

There are many who consider height a real measure of beauty. Many women and men, for example, look for this quality in their partners: perhaps they feel more secure in the presence of someone taller than…

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