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Profile photo VS reality: 12 people who have decided to reveal themselves before and after photo retouching

Nowadays it is very easy to deceive others about your appearance. If makeup is always an excellent ally for hiding wrinkles and various skin imperfections, the results obtained with Photoshop and the…

18 people who prove that being incredibly tall isn't always a blessing

There are many who consider height a real measure of beauty. Many women and men, for example, look for this quality in their partners: perhaps they feel more secure in the presence of someone taller than…

17 times people chose to get tattooed with disastrous results

Tattoos were once very frowned upon because those who wore them came from the wrong strata of society, i.e. convicts and who had been in jail. Today ideas have changed radically and anyone, regardless…

21 times when customer expectations have been miserably betrayed by reality

How many times have you wanted to buy some product online and been disappointed with it upon arrival, after a long wait? If you are new to online shopping or if you don't follow simple basic rules, you…

He hadn't cleaned the house for 12 years, so his friends helped him: after 50 hours of cleaning the apartment was spick and span

Probably no one really likes cleaning the house, but it is an absolutely necessary activity, whether you live alone or with other people. Even if it is tiring, you have to overcome laziness and work to…

19 men who decided to grow a beard to improve their appearances

While women often use makeup to improve their appearance, many men use beards as natural "make-up" to hide blemishes and grow their more charm. It's not obvious that everyone can grow a beautiful beard…

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